W Squad Group Membership

This is our ultimate, access all areas group training pass. We take your health and fitness journey seriously to offer the best training experience to meet your needs, nutritional support and weekly accountability.

We specialise in strength training in a group environment that tracks and measures your strength overtime. Our programs are challenging, tailored, fun and thoughtfully designed. This includes big barbell lifts, free weights, functional training and a good dose of high intensity conditioning.


Our MOM squad is designed for new mums ready to be guided back into exercise safely and get stronger in both mind and body. Our shared care nanny attends all MOM times to ensure you can focus on getting a great workout while your little one is close by. 

We pride ourselves on being the best in the business by ensuring all MOM coaches are postpartum, trained, qualified and experienced and supporting your journey with our additional MOM at-home education program.

Bespoke Personal Training

Our personal training program offers the highest level of individualised support, designed to help you fast-track your results. Working one-to-one with our highly qualified coaches will ensure that you have the right knowledge, discipline, program and accountability to get stronger and loose unwanted weight. 

Space within our PT program is limited and a minimum time commitment is required.

Our Memberships

Join our family

Have never trained in a gym before? Or maybe been out of the ‘fitness game’ for a while? No worries! We love working with amazing women of all ages, abilities, body types and fitness backgrounds to move well, lift heavy and be confident in their own skin. We also pride ourself on being a safe space for people who are gender non-conforming and trans who want to be part of our community. 

We program for you. We take the time to thoroughly assess movement and scale down or up training to meet your needs. We keep our programs rewarding, challenging and fun while still ensuring we adhere to fundamental principles needed to help build your strength, physique and conditioning. Quite often in group training, studios are reluctant to work with where their members are at. Not us! If you have an old injury, postpartum or need a little extra TLC, we have your back. 

Best of all, our supportive community, will have you coming back for more. There is no better feeling than training amongst other women. No egos, no intimidating trainers, no fads, no fast diets… just great workouts, science backed education and good vibes. 

How to Get Started

Schedule a consultation or book a trial pass

Let’s book in a discovery call to find out more about your goals and discuss our package options. 

You are also welcome to jump straight into a 1-week group trial pass. Our trial pass is a non-obligation way to see what 23W is all about, meet the coaches and see if our program is a good fit for you. 

Join a membership

Once you are enrolled into a membership option, you will be set up on our 23W App, which will allow you to track your health stats and measure your strength gains over time. 

Our holistic approach to fitness gives our members access to a range of movement styles, including strength and conditioning, boxing, Muay Thai, mat Pilates, HIIT and yoga. 

Get results and stay accountable

We love helping our members smash their health and fitness goals with the support and education from our team.

All members on a 3 month minimum contract are invited to schedule quarterly progress mapping consultation and complete weekly check ins. 


Your Core

Are you a new mum? Has your core gone missing? Let us help you find it!

Download our 14-day restore your core program from our eShop today.

we keep it


An impressive physical transformation is not just physical! Our methods and systems will empower you to take the loving accountability needed to establish lifelong changes to achieve sustainable results, feel confident in your own skin and be the best version of yourself.

Before After

meal prep is a


There is a lot of misinformation about the best diet to follow to lose weight. The truth is, the best diet is one you can follow in the long-term. Our ebooks are designed to simplify meal planning for women who don’t want to spend hours in the kitchen to get phenomenal results.

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Whats on?

23W is more than a gym! We love running events, challenges and workshops that brings our community together and helps every woman thrive.

find your fitness style

Can’t decide which of our packages is best suited for you? This questionnaire is designed to help you decide!!


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Be the first to know about our latest challenges, packages, exclusive workshops and events.

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