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By Asha

Meet Clare! 

Clare has been a member with us since October 2021 training in our small group classes. In early 2023 Clare approached us wanting to commit to 12 weeks of personal training to tackle her hip mobility issues and pain. Here is her success story!

You have been doing group training with us since 2021 – what drew you to 23W initially?

I joined the outdoor bootcamps at 23W as we came out of lockdown. I wanted to get back to moving my body and feeling fit and strong, but was unexcited about the idea of returning to BFT or F45 where I had previously trained. Both these gyms were very formulaic in their programming and I think targetted at a younger demographic. As a woman in my mid-40s I was constantly needing to seek ‘regressions’ or risk injury. I wanted a gym with a more inclusive culture and where workouts would be more tailored to my needs. I was then living in Thornbury and somehow 23W found its way into my Insta stories and so I jumped into an outdoor bootcamp to try it as gyms kept opening up. 

Why did you decide to complete 12 weeks of personal training? What was your initial goal?

I had been training with 23w for just over a year and while my strength and cardio fitness had been improving, I was feeling that my flexibility and mobility were if anything getting worse. I was wondering whether I should see a physio, start yoga, or what when I saw another ad from Ange on insta about another client working on mobility issues with a PT so thought I would start by asking you guys.

How did your hip issues impact your life prior to commencing PT?

Sitting comfortably on the floor, getting up and down from the floor was feeling clumsy and not very easy. I felt like my hips were much older and stiffer than I am. A main motivator for me to exercise is to maintain health and wellbeing as I approach my 50s and beyond so this development was beginning to worry me.

When did you begin to feel that PT was making a difference?

I would say that it was moving towards the 10 week mark when I noticed the change in mobility. I was able to sit on a cushion on the floor for an evening and play a board game with my children and recently I hit a 60kg deadlift for the first time.

Did you feel supported in understanding the reasoning behind your PT programming?

Yes, Asha takes the times to explain what we are trying to achieve and how the exercises are supporting the effort. I didn’t have any expectations about what sort of training we would need to do to address the issue, but she tells me that stiff hips are weak hips and the very targeted strength training is  doing the job. She is very careful to monitor the quality of my movement and point out where some of my unconscious movement patterns. are working against the goals.

As your PT sessions progressed, what were you able to do that was too painful or restrictive before?

Day to day stuff like being comfortable sitting cross legged on a picnic rug in the park,  or on the carpet in front of the fire playing board games with my kids (granted on a cushion). I could not do that before.
It is still a work in progress and I am still hoping to get further mobility gains but the improvements are noticeable.

Do you feel you achieved what you had hoped for over the 12 week program?

I am not there yet, but I feel we are definitely on the journey!

Would you recommend 23Ws 12 week personal training program to others looking to move pain free?

Working on specific targeted areas has definitely improved my mobility so if this is a goal of yours then absolutely. The intensity of the sessions sets me up for being able to consciously adapt/focus on movement in other sessions as well.

Anything else? 

The PT program works really well alongside other training at 23W. I have used PTs in the past and one session a week is not enough, but when it is done in the context of the broader 23W program I am able to work on my goals more continuously. When Asha is coaching me in Strong classes she adapts exercises where appropriate and also because she knows what will be happening in other classes she will give advice for those classes as well. It has been fun working with Asha and her care and concern for helping with my mobility is very much appreciated.

Do you want to move pain free?

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