23W Members Spotlight: Enya Jasinski

By Dee

Introducing our 8 week Upskill Challenge Winner, Enya Jasinski! 

While this challenge started off on a high, with going into 2 seperate lockdowns during it was another challenge in its self. We had to adapt to online training, adjust our goals to be lockdown appropriate, and change the way we train without the access to heavy weights. 

Enya certainly had her own set backs as while, but with determination, investment in herself and focusing on her health and well-being, Enya was able to smash this challenge out of the park!

Continue reading to hear Enya’s journey. 

How long have you been working with 23W?

I started at 23W in May 2019, so over 2 years now!

What got you started on this journey?

I never enjoyed working out on my own and found that I have a lack of motivation when going to regular gyms. I definitely still feel that way and that’s why I love 23W. The coaches put so much time and effort into the programs so we don’t really have to think twice about it. 

Was this your first 23W 8-week challenge? What are some components that benefited you the most? 

This was my second 8 week challenge. This one was a lot different to my first. My first was back in 2019 when I was new to the gym. This time around it was completely different, although I have more experience now, there was the lockdown and other health concerns that changed things a lot this time.

What was your initial goal?

My initial goal was to lose 3-4kg of fat, because that is what I achieved last challenge. I also wanted to journal every week. During the challenge we went into lockdown TWICE, which really changed my goals. Simply staying motivated and adhering to my nutrition was my main focus during the lockdowns. 

What was your biggest challenge at the start?

Besides the multiple lockdowns, my biggest challenge during the 8 weeks came at the halfway mark when my GP told me i was consuming too much protein as I only have one kidney and will need to be referred to a specialist. This meant my macros were to completely change, just after settling into the swing of it all. I was really concerned that I wouldn’t even be able to continue with the challenge at all, however after completely reducing my protein intake, I was able to continue on my journey and come out on top! 

What result did you achieve?

Unfortunately due to the lockdown we weren’t able to do our inbody scan, however I did end up losing 6kg and 5cm around my waist! I have also learnt a lot more about nutrition and how my body works and responds to certain things. 

What’s it like working with the 23W coaches and the other womxn in the community?

I often tell people when I have a shit day that I love going to the gym after, but it’s not necessarily because working out makes me feel better, although it does, it’s mostly because I find that 23W is an escape for me. I love going into class and even when I’m run down with period/endo pain or just had a bad day, I can always chat to the other women and coaches, I can vent about anything or just joke around with my friends and leave feeling 100 times better, even if I didn’t break a sweat. 

What have you learned?

There’s so much to learn! I just love knowing how to fuel my body and look after it in regards to nutrition, and I know my body thanks me every time I work out. 

How would you describe your journey?

A bit of a roller coaster! Last year during lockdown I almost completely stopped working out so getting back into it, along with my jeans that didn’t fit my after 2020, was a bit of a journey! But because I know how fit I was once before, I know that my body and mind are capable of doing it all again and getting back to where I was pre-covid. 

What is the biggest accomplishment throughout your journey?

Simply not giving up! Or at least when I do, feel like giving up, I know to let myself rest.  

What’s next for you?

Keep on keeping on! As my girl Miley would say ‘there’s always going to be another mountain’. For me there’s no end goal, there never be an ‘after picture’ just a then and now because my body will always be changing throughout life and now I’m just grateful I have the knowledge to give it what it wants! 

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