23W Members Spotlight: Jessie Ravenscroft

By Dee

Meet our Jessie, a long-time 23W member who participated in our recent 2022 Upskill Challenge. 

This amazing mum of 2 joined this challenge to learn more about nutrition and to address her relationship with food. Jessie also had goals to rebuild her strength postpartum and to increase her weights and push herself in her training. 

The 1-1 coaching aspect of weekly check-ins with her team coach was a game-changer for her to stay accountable and to continue to reflect on her food choices, stressors and emotions. 

Keep reading to learn about her journey with 23W. 

How long have you been working with 23W?

Since Bootcamps during 2020 lockdown!

What got you started on this journey?

I wanted the opportunity to learn to lift more weight. In other gyms, it never felt like there was time to focus on increasing what I was lifting or doing more complex lifts.

What was your biggest challenge at the start?

My relationship with food is my biggest challenge. I have turned to food to help me with tiredness, stress, boredom, all of the feelings really! This is something I’m still working on and reflecting through check-ins is really helping me unpack these patterns and find ways to meet my emotional needs that make me feel better, rather than undermining my own goals.

What was your initial goal?

One of my goals was to do a weekly shop rather than running in to grab stuff every other day. Consolidating this habit really helped me plan out my week, reduced my impulse buying, and helped me make more balanced meals rather than choosing meals based solely on my mood!

What result did you achieve?

I fitted back into my pre-pregnancy clothes and lost 6cm from my waist. I can now smash out ring rows with far more ease and can do sets of 20 box jumps!

What was your biggest challenge going through the process?

Managing my mindset when life got in the way and I had to adapt and manage my own expectations. Again, I found the weekly check-ins really supportive and journaling helped me cultivate more self-compassion and acknowledge my efforts and progress.

What were your biggest learnings?

I learnt how to focus on the small daily habits instead of getting overwhelmed by the big picture or psych myself out about the speed of changes. This also really helped me fall in love with the process and think more about the things that make me feel happy and taken care of.

What was it like working with the 23W and the other girls in the community?

I love everything about working with 23W. I love the programs, Jenny! (shared care nanny), the friendly and warm environment, the focus on education and personal development, the 23W app, check-ins, LOVE LOVE LOVE IT ALL

What’s next for you?

Keep enjoying the process and focusing on habits that make feel great. Work on gaining more muscle mass and in a few months or so work on cutting a few more kilos of body fat with the support from the 23W crew.

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