23W Spotlight: Katherine Garnham

By Ange

Meet our Spring 8 Week Challenge winner, Kat. When it comes to amazing transformations, they are never JUST physical! People often think it is the fear of failing that stops people from making long-term changes, but for Kat it was the fear admiting that she was trying.

In 8 weeks, Kat told everyone in her life she was on a mission for a healthier and happier mind and body and in the process became proud and empowered.

Kat’s amazing transformation speaks for itself and her results are nothing nothing short of AMAZING!

Read Kat’s reflection one the challenge below.

How long have you been working with 23W?

4 months

What got you started on this journey?

Seeking small group training with lots of variety that I would enjoy!

What was your goal?

Get fitter, stronger and healthier. My main goal was weight loss but I also had an ambitious goal to achieve one chin up with a green resistance band. Before most sessions I dedicated time to work on these!

What result did you achieve?

Lost weight, got stronger and fitter, am much more confident in meal planning especially making sure I get enough protein as a vegetarian. By the end of the challenge I lost 10.3 kg of body fat while being able to maintain all of my muscle mass. There was a 35cm change in all of my circumference measurements and 5.9% drop in body fat. It is actually quite difficult to maintain muscle mass when eating in a weight loss deficit. I also achieved this incredible result from strength training alone- many people think extra cardio equals extra fat loss. I learnt that it is more important to focus on diet adherence.

How have you changed?

Much more accountable with what I eat, so being consistent with training and feel much healthier and happier!

What were your biggest challenges going through the process?

Learning how to track foods and changing my diet to include enough protein. Part way through the challenge I realised that I was eating approximately 150-200 more calories than I originally thought. This highlighted that being consistent is more important that being occupied with being perfect.

What were your learnings?

Everything in moderation is good balance and being consistent is key!

What was it like working with the 23W and the other girls in the community?

Wonderful having support and motivation daily! Always a friendly face and wonderful knowledge and idea sharing within the community.

What’s next for you?

Another 8 week challenge and continue to broaden my recipe base and meal planning and keep getting stronger!

Would you like to be like Katherine? Get in touch with Ange and the team at 23W to discuss your return to health and fitness this year. Email us at hello@23w.com.au

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