23W Spotlight: Nicole Tosev

By Ange
Are you looking for an inspirational story of health and fitness?
While routines may have been thrown into chaos lately, we wanted to share an awesome 23W spotlight that will resonate with many women in our community. Inadequacy, embarrassment and disappointment, are unfortunately common experiences shared by many looking to get results from the gym.
We are so proud of Nic’s shift in mindset over the last 12 months. From an exercise hater to a lover of lifting weights and getting stronger! Read her story below.
How long have you been working with 23W?
Just over a year.
What got you started on this journey?
I was training at a gym where I wasn’t happy nor seeing dramatic results – I know I wanted to go to an all female gym and somewhere close to home so I thought I’d try out 23W
What was your biggest challenge(s) at the start?
Group training. I was so embarrassed about how unfit I was and how I had no idea what I was doing. So I started off with 1:1 PT sessions and after about two months I jumped into group training – where I found the support not only from the trainers but the other women was amazing. I felt so comfortable! Didn’t matter wait fitness level you were the session was always tailored to you!
What was your goal?
To loose weight and get toned. I always wanted a nice toned body!
What result did you achieve?
Both! I lost weight and toned up! Although I’m not 110% where I want to be I really surprised myself in loving the skin I’m in. A lot of it is to do with the encouragement that the 23W team give you. Walking into the gym just makes you feel better about yourself.
How have you changed?
I HATED exercising – I had never deadlifted or bench pressed. I thought there was no way I could ever do any of that stuff. Exercise was a choir for me. Now I don’t know how I ever lived without it. I’m obsessed, with lifting heavier, ensuring I focus on my fitness and exercise as many days of the week as possible!
What were your biggest challenges going though the process?
Finding a good routine and holding myself accountable. I struggled to find time but the greatest thing about 23W is that the team held me accountable! Everyone there is so supportive and lovely that if I didn’t stay accountable and get into a good routine I wouldn’t just be letting myself down but then too. That’s what really got me to where I am!
What were your learnings?
Take your time and slow down! Bad habits and good routines don’t happen overnight. You need to take your time if you fail once or twenty times – you still have time to succeed. Your body is an amazing thing it can change, grow and adapt ! Give it time.
How would you describe your journey?
An amazing rollercoaster! I walked into 23W with the attitude of “loosing weight”. I stayed dedicated for a few months then life happened and I didn’t make it a priority. Then with the encouragement of the 23W team I got my second wind and dedicated myself, set some goals and achieved them! It was challenging for me to get myself into a mindset where I could dedicate myself to exercising five times a week but I made it. I now know my journey with 23W is one that is here to stay. Not just to “loose weight”.
What was it like working with the 23W and the other girls in the community?
The best thing you’ll ever do is join the 23W community! I cannot say I ever walked into 23W without a smile. It’s not just a gym, we laugh and encourage each other to go harder and be better! The 23W trainers aren’t really trainers they’re more like mentors that guide you not only through your workout but anything that’s hindering your fitness goals. They’re the best support system you can find!
What is next for you?
To get stronger!!! My next goals are to lift heavier and gain as much muscle as I can!
Is there anything that you really want to say?
Thank you! 23W has been there for me mentally and physically every week of the year. It’s rare you find such an amazing, unique and dedicated group of women!
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