28 Day


From 27th of October

23W is turning 4... AND we are celebrating!


23W has come a long way in 4 years! Our community and team has grown and so has our impact! We have helped hundreds of women fall in love with training, get stronger and feel back in their bodies. To celebrate our 4th birthday we have released 10 birthday bundles to help more women get their health and fitness on track before the end of the year. 

If you have been looking to join us or trained with us before in the past, this pack is for YOU!

What's Included?

We are more than a gym! 

This bundle will give you access to the results-based training, the best coaching and insanely supportive community. 

28 Days of Unlimited Group Training

Choose from over 50 different training times per week. We recommend training between 2-5 times per week.

Resources and Merch!

You will receive our 28 day rest guide that includes weekly meal plans and grocery lists. You will also receive a super cool 23W embroidered Spring Sweater

Weekly Coaching Call

Every week you will jump on a call with one of coaches to help work through any roadblocks and celebrate your wins.

30 min Progress Mapping Consultation

Let us help map your roadmap for success. This includes an Inbody scan, goals setting and setting powerful habits that will move you forward.


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