5 Top Melbourne Yoga Studios- Guest Post By Emily Chen From Casi Australia

By Ange

While 23W babes  typically spend more time lifting weights than in down dog, yoga is a great way to incorporate extra mobility, movement and meditation into your daily life.  If fact, the biggest limiting factor for many women is range of movement! Nothing halts progress like poor postural balance, tight hips and a lack of core stability. This week we welcome a guest post from Emily Chen, from Casi Australia, who shares her favourite yoga houses across Melbourne. 

Are you looking for a great Melbourne yoga studio? We understand that finding the right yoga studio can make or break your practice.

Certain elements and touches like a cup of tea, a bit of greenery or amazing artwork can really add something a little special to your practice.

We have taken a look at some of our favourite yoga spaces in and around Melbourne – hopefully, you will feel inspired to give one or two of them a go.

1. Fauna Yoga

Going to a yoga studio for the first time can be a little daunting, Fauna Yoga offers small class sizes capped at 12 which creates a more intimate and relaxed environment.

Fauna Yoga has a range of classes on offer including essentials for beginners, mellow slow flows, energised vinyasa fauna flows and nurturing yin classes.

One of the best things about Fauna Yoga is that they combine nature into their practice by offering amazing rooftop classes that overlook botanical gardens and the city skyline.


South Yarra

  • Casual classes are available for $25
  • You can also purchase a 21 day trial for $50

You can view their timetable here.

2. Humming Puppy

Humming Puppy offers a unique space that literally hums! The founders of Humming Puppy had the space engineered by one of the worlds leading acoustic engineers to enable the room to hum.

  • Prahran – they also have a studio in Sydney and in New York
  • Introductory pass provides unlimited classes for 3 weeks $70, or as they put it, less than  $3.50 a day
  • Casual visit is $35
  • You can view their timetable here.

3. Happy Melon

Positioned as a ‘mind and body’ studio, Happy Melon blends meditation with yoga, fitness, and Pilates.

They run more than thirty yoga classes per week including Yoga Fundamentals, Yin Yoga, Yoga Slow and Yoga Flow.

  • Armadale
  • Casual classes are between $20-$35
  • There is a two-week intro offer for $50 which provides unlimited access to over 100 yoga, Pilates, meditation and fitness classes each week.
  • You can access their timetable here.

4. Yoga 213

This amazing space is a breath of fresh air. Straight from LA, Yoga 213 offers a unique experience, combining-banging hip-hop tunes with yoga.

Yoga 213 offers five different yoga styles across two studios, which means they have something for everyone, including beginner yogis.

Hip-hop beats combined with yoga means yogis will have a truly immersive experience at this studio.

  • Richmond
  • Geelong
  • Casual classes are $25 each
  • Wanting to try out space? There is a 2-week intro offer for $30 
  • For the Richmond, timetable click here.
  • For the Geelong, timetable click here.

5. Power House Yoga

Melbourne isn’t the only place to have impressive studios!

Power House brings the same experience to the South Eastern Suburbs. They offer a range of yoga and pilates classes suitable for all levels.

Specialising in heated and power yoga, Power House has two studios that offer state of the art facilities.

  • Berwick
  • First class is FREE
  • First, 10 days is $20
  • Casual drop in $20 for 60 minute classes $15 for 45 minute classes
  • You can access their timetable here.

Casi Australia is a retailer of the beautiful eco-friendly YUNMAI Yoga Mat, which is 100% PVC-free and renowned for its durability, anti-slip, dual-layer, 6mm thickness. To see the original article, head across to the Casi Australia Page . If you looking for an incredible yoga mat to take you practise to the next level, view Casi’s full range of products here. Use the code: twentythreew at checkout to receive 10% off your purchase.

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