Advice From My Sisters On Postpartum Exercise

By Ange

When my sisters talks to me about their postpartum recovery… 


I am baffled by the lack of information that they were given in the early  When I chat to them about their pelvic floor, TA and pelvic stability, I am usually met with a whole bunch of questions. I guess there is so much to learn in the early days of getting your baby home, that your own recovery gets put on the back burner.

When I trained my first postpartum client several years ago, I felt such a honour to be able to play such an important role in their recovery. To be able to help someone to restore their movement and feel back in their own body the biggest gift of all.

I know how great I feel when I can exercise regularly and I am certain that is also the case for new mums too.

This is why I created MOM (Mums on the Move). I wanted to be able to share my knowledge about the human body, postnatal rehabilitation and strength training.

I actually consulted my 4 older sisters about what this program should look like. I took their suggestions and ran with it:

Suggestion 1- Make is flexible. No matter how well planned mum is, if her baby is not settled or unwell, she will not be able to get value out of the program.

Implementation: That is why we have no lock in contracts and the sessions are billed at a casual rate.

Suggestion 2- Be flexible with time. Across an hour long period, her baby might wake up, need a cuddle, a feed or a change. Allow enough time for her to get through the workout.

Implementation: Girls, even through the sessions are 45 minutes. We allow 15 minutes either side of the workout for you to set up, get start earlier if needed or finish a tad later. I am here to make sure you get a great workout.

Suggestion 3- Being a new mum can be isolating. So make is social and fun.

Implementation: This is why I have set up MOM as small group training. This is a an awesome chance to meet like minded women who are also willing to make their own health a priority.

Suggestion 4- Get the basics right and provide the opportunity to learn and thrive.

Implementation: Each session is designed around our 5 pillars; pelvic stability, core strength, breathing, foundation strength and cardiorespiratory fitness.

We are currently looking to enrol another 5 women into this specialised program. Are you interested in joining us?

To get started, simply register via our pricing page. We have training times on Monday, Tuesday and Thursday.

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Ange Drake is an personal trainer, women’s empowerment coach and fitness blogger in the northern suburbs of Melbourne. She is the director of one of the few womens’ only strength training gyms in Melbourne, 23W. Ange helps women to learn how to use strength based training, nutritional strategies and a positive mindset to transform their bodies, relationship with food and mind.

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