December Member of the Month: Vivian

By Ange Drake

Hey Fitness Family! Get ready to be inspired, because it’s time to shine the spotlight on a truly remarkable member of our community – the amazing Vivian! 

Vivian’s journey with us is nothing short of awe-inspiring. She embodies what it means to be dedicated and passionate about fitness. Whether it’s early mornings or late evenings, rain or shine, Vivian’s commitment to her health and fitness goals is unstoppable. 

Not only does she tackle her workouts with incredible enthusiasm, but her infectious energy and positive attitude light up the gym! Vivian is the kind of person who encourages everyone around her, making our fitness community stronger and more vibrant. 

So, let’s give it up for Vivian!

Her story is not just about fitness; it’s about the power of persistence, the joy of self-improvement, and the beauty of being part of a supportive community. Thank you, Vivian, for being an incredible inspiration to us all! 

What do you love most about our community?

There’s so much to love about the 23W community. It is amazing to be part of a community that is always supportive and respectful of everyone regardless of their health and fitness goals. There’s a great sense of belonging, mutual support, connection and friendship. I love coming in and always being greeted with a smile by the coaches and other members. It is great to talk to amazing and beautiful women and hear about their day, weekend, fitness goals, and health progress. Everyone is an inspiration which makes coming to every class an awesome experience 

What results have you seen so far? Big success? 

I have achieved some percentage fat loss, kg loss and muscle gain. However the greater results are evidenced when seeing and feeling my clothes fitting better, an increase in energy, motivation and confidence. I am able to accomplish things I didn’t imagine possible. When I first joined I struggled with burpees, sit ups, running (just to name a few) but with persistence and consistency these exercises are now becoming easier. I have never been a fan of running and opted out of it as a cardio option every time 
However, thanks to the Spring Challenge I have overcome my fear of running and was able to achieve my goal of a block run under 2.30s . Another big success would be developing a positive mindset and achieving positive changes, having clarity around nutrition and building good habits.  

What attracted you to 23W? 

My sister in law recommended 23W. Our plan was to go to classes together and support one another. Although she hasn’t continued on, I am glad I did. The support, guidance, encouragement and enthusiasm from the coaches is always appreciated and keeps me motivated. I was particularly drawn to the kids friendly environment and a bonus having Jenny (aka super nanny) take care of Scarlett while I do my workout. The classes are challenging yet rewarding and great to see the programs designed and adjusted accordingly to suit individual needs. I thoroughly enjoy and look forward to every class and seeing what I can accomplish and improve each time.

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Ange Drake is an personal trainer, women’s empowerment coach and fitness blogger in the northern suburbs of Melbourne. She is the director of one of the few womens’ only strength training gyms in Melbourne, 23W. Ange helps women to learn how to use strength based training, nutritional strategies and a positive mindset to transform their bodies, relationship with food and mind.

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