Exercise Tips While Travelling

By Ange

After travelling to Sri Lanka last year, I went into my next semi-remote, tropical holiday  with a more realistic perspective on training while on holidays.

Unless you are travelling somewhere ‘western’ and plan on sticking around the major cities, finding a quality, well equipped gym will be tough. And making strength progression will be impossible, unless your partner shares your same passion and dedication. I have spent almost half a day on previous trips looking in ‘outer neighbourhoods’ for a gym that had serious weights. Holidays may also not be the best time to get started on your diet, with cocktail happy hour and buffet breakfasts. So be realistic!

Does that mean you should give up completely? Hell no!

This blog is all about helping fellow gym junkie and travellers to have a plan and direction going into their next holiday.Obviously getting your steps up is a great option, but we are hoping to offer a little more.

Step One: Take the time off and deload

Holidays are great time to take a self imposed de-load week and time away from weights. This rarely happens during the year when you are home. Time away from heavy lifting for a brief period of time can help you to come back stronger than ever.

Step Two: Plan some great body weight workouts

Not moving is not a option. I actually get more sore by not moving. I love using high rep workouts or Tababta style workouts to get the heart rate up and sweat on.

Step Three- Do more yoga

I have yet to go to a holiday destination that does not have an abundance of yoga options. This is a great chance to work on mobility and rejuvenation.

Step Four- Stay somewhere with a gym

Let’s face it most holiday gyms are pretty sparsely stoked. It is unlikely you will find more than a few hand weights and treadmill. Plan out lower weights and high volume workouts, unilateral work or utilise tempo.

Step Five- Map your run

Running in unfamiliar location can be dangerous, from strange neighbourhoods, the chances of getting lost or being chased by stray dogs. Stick to well lit, open and public areas if you chose to pound the pavement.

Workout Example 1: Core Blaster

  • 20 Russian Twist
  • 20 Hand to Foot Crunches
  • 20 Tail Ups
  • 20 Butterfly sit ups
  • 50 crunches

Complete 3-5 rounds

Workout Example 2: The HIIT

  • 10 Burpees
  • 12 triple pulse jump squats
  • 15 push ups
  • 20 Plyometrics Lunges
  • 100 mtn climbers

Repeat 3-5 rounds

Workout Example 3: Sprints

  • 50 meter sprint / walk backs
  • 20 meter sprint / walk backs
  • 10 meter sprint / walk back s

3 x 6 mins

Would you like more at home workout options? See out top six simple HIIT workouts here. 

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