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By Ange

Before falling pregnant, I never truly appreciated the importance of a good sports bra to keep ‘everything’ under control! 

My boobs sat pretty conformability between a B to C cup and a tight fitting crop was normally enough to feel secure and supported during my workouts.

Wow, how times changed fast! The first thing I noticed was some significant stretch marks on the underside of my breasts and lots of lumps and bumps hanging out the top and sides of my bras. For someone who prefers to lift in just a crop, the ‘double-boob’ look would simply just not do!

As I approached a Double D third trimester, I knew the time had come to chat to experts at She Science about how I could better invest into the health of my breasts knowing that they will soon play an important role in nurturing a little one too.

Booking with She Science

The booking system first off could not be more simple. In a few minutes and clicks, I had an appointment secured with one of the She Science bra fitting consultants.

Why should you invest in a good sports bra?

My lovely consultant ‘CC’ was incredible in facilitating the full experience. She took the time to get to know my needs and likes. After being placed on their She Science treadmill, I learnt that irregardless of breast size, your breasts move not only up and down but also side to side and in and out, tracing a butterfly pattern. With poorly supported breast, travelling anything an inch and a half in each direction (A cup) to three inches (D cup)…ouch!

The good news….? A good sports bra can cut that movement in half. I also did not want to become that woman who has to wear two bras to find the function and support that a single, perfectly, well designed bra should provide.

Key Learnings

Compression or Encapsulation?

Did you know that there are two basic styles of sports bras? I learnt that while I used to prefer sports bras using the ‘compression’ method, as my boobs have grown, an ‘encapsulation’ bra could be more supportive. 

Compression bras are more like a shelf bra styles, that work by pressing the breast tissue into the body and generally offer low-to-moderate support for your workouts. Encapsulation bras are those with individual cups and are considered better for larger-breasted women than compression-style ones.

Racerback, wide straps, pullover or back clasp? 

I also learnt that there is a big difference between different straps and styles of the bra. While my nike pullover racerback used to be my go-to undergarment, with more weight out front a wider strap and back clasp helps to distribute the weight better, making me more comfortable in general.

Maternity sports bra vs normal sports bra

Getting professionally fitted before my baby’s arrival has its drawbacks. Firstly, once my milk comes in I am sure my cup size will increase once again but hopefully the diameter of my rib cage also starts to shrink at the same time. 

But I also knew that in the early stages of being postpartum, a bra fitting might not be high on my list of important tasks, which is why I paid them a visit at around 35 weeks.

After trying on a wide selection of different styles, the stand out was a gorgeous hot pink Brook’s sports bra. This will give me something to wear in the gym until birth and a sports bra to get me started postpartum.

I also invested in two bras from Movemami. I could not recommend this sports bra more highly. To receive 20% off simply use the code ‘ANDREADRAKE’ at the checkout. 

While you might think investing in a good quality undergarments is needless expense, a well-fitted, correctly sized bra will save you money in the long term. Not only does a well fitting bra prevent sagging and permanent breast damage, prevent side or uni boob, it may help keep you out of the physiotherapist office with back and neck issues too.

She Science does not only specialise in sports bras! They have an amazing range of everyday bras too. If you are interested in being professionally  fitted, simply head to to reserve your appointment time.

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