Fitfluential People Of 2019

By Ange

Are you looking for some extra motivation ahead of the new year or just wondering what fitfluential people the professionals follow? The 23W staff complied a list of their favourite researchers, experts and social media icons we have loved to follow in 2019.

Ange Drake

1. Dr Layne Norton- @biolayne

This guy seriously knows his stuff. He has a PhD in Nutritional Science, is pro natural bodybuilder, raw elite powerlifter, and physique coach, among other things. He produces great content that is backed by research, no BS and he is pretty entertaining too. Follow him if you love learning about flexible dieting, nutrition and the science of getting lean. 

2. Holly Baxter @hollybaxter

Serious physique goals here. Holly is a nutritionist and WBFF Pro. Her page is a mixture of amazing research, workouts and images to draw inspiration from. She also keep her account very ‘real’, admitting that she too struggles to diet down and occasionally slips up too with her diet.

She shares a lot of tips and tricks to cut and reverse diet and her ‘contest prep series’ on YouTube is a realistic view of what it is actually like to drop into low percentages of body fat to complete and the time it actually takes to get there.

3. Bret Contreras- @bretcontreras1/

When it comes to research in exercise programming, Bret is the man. He has done a lot of research on how to build great glutes and training variabilities such as how load, set up, volume and intensity can influence results. Follow him if you like to greek out about exercise programming and are keen to learn more about the specific ins and out of your workout!

4. Jordan Syatt- Followed on IG @syattfitness

Jordan’s IG page is just filled with great content. He covers everything from training to nutrition, but it is the way he simplifies the content which makes it so engaging. His videos are very entertaining and presents information in the way of infographics and videos.  He provides lots of tips on technique, mindset and how to keep things simple!

5. Katie Lolas @Lady.lolas

If you are looking for some serious meal prep inspiration, delicious recipes and organisational hacks look no further. I have made so many recipes off her IG page and they have all turned out incredible! She preaches consistency which also very much aligns with my own approach to health and fitness.

Asha Khan

  1. Natacha Oceane @natacha.oceane (my absolute favourite)

Natacha works with the dietician for the British olympic team to create training programs and nutrition guides that are sustainable. She trains in a way that resonates with me and how I like to train – focusing on functional movement, compound work and incorporating elements of gymnastics such as handstands, muscle ups/kips and explosive movements.

I love that she promotes intuitive eating and discusses the pros and cons of various eating ‘styles’ with Renee Mcgregor (team GB dietician). Her content is properly researched and she conducts experiments on various styles of eating and training on herself in as a controlled and measurable way as possible.

Her IG is incredibly well educated in science (chemistry specifically) and as such can understand and interpret scientific literature and relay it in an easily digestible way for her audience.

2. Stephanie Buttermore @stephanie_buttermore

Stephanie is currently going ‘all-in’ in an attempt to reach her natural set point for her weight after doing diet bulks and cuts to reach a single digit body fat percentage. This messed with her appetite and she is now learning to listen to her hunger cues and trust her body.

She has a Ph.D in ovarian cancer research and because of that (like natacha oceane) has an incredible capacity to research and relay points from scientific literature about nutrition and training, while creating videos on a huge variety of topics from set-point theory to amenorrhea and how to perform hip extensions safely. You will also love her because she promotes weight lifting over cardio to achieve body composition goals.

3. Jeff Nippard @jeffnippard

The partner of Stephanie Buttermore and a natural bodybuilder (and is HUGE) He posts incredibly in depth videos on how to train specific lifts and movement patterns as well as how to program for muscle gain or fat loss.

4. Meg Gallagher @megsquats

This chick is an absolute beast. Her instagram by-line is ‘on a mission to get a barbell in every woman’s hands. She promotes weight training and has competed in cross fit and powerlifting competitions. 

I also love that she is super honest about her own struggles with body image and disordered eating brought on by competing in bikini and cross fit competition and promotes health and strength over any aesthetic goals.



Dee Segrave

  1. Dr. Stefi Cohen @steficohen

When it comes to strong women, this lady takes poll position. She’s a small but mighty and extremely knowledgeable, she posts very informative content on lifting, strength training, powerlifting, rehab and rehab exercises.

2. Shona Vertue @shona_vertue

Promoting holistic wellness, Shona is extremely informative for the general population and is all about all things health, mobility and functional strength.

3. James Smith @jamessmithpt

You have probably seen this guys videos on Facebook. He is hilarious and he calls out all the BS that’s fed to consumers in the health and fitness industry. He is known for delivering quality info in simple ways!

Sarah De Angelis

  1. Ashley Galvin @ashleygalvinyoga

Ashley is a Mum, yoga instructor and wellness advocate. I personally love her intense dynamic yoga practices, it’s an area of yoga I also love, as it’s not only yoga but it also incorporates a real work out for the body. The best of both worlds! Ashley’s outlook on life and her passion for yoga is inspirational and also relatable.

2. Nikki Gundy @nikkigundy

Nikki is inspirational, as she has accomplished so much – she started off by herself, working out at home and has transformed not only her body but her lifestyle. She is authentic, realistic and is now an accomplished health coach.

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