Five Daily Practises For An Easier Pregnancy And Birth

By Ange

There is a growing body of evidence that daily practises during pregnancy can help support an easier birth and pregnancy.

Many women now days are quick to enrol into prenatal pilates and yoga. but sometimes the simplest, daily practises are all that you need (and more inexpensive) than seeking out yet another health professional.

Here are five daily practises that will help support an easier birth and pregnancy. These practises are all designed to restore balance and alignment of the pelvis, facia, ligaments and tendons. Of course, every women’s needs are different, so be sure to consult you medical team before starting these or any exercise activities.

Practise 1: Walking Everyday

Walking every day with full motion lengthens the psoas muscles. This muscle runs  from the spine to the thigh and when long and supple, it helps to give better range of motion and foetal positioning . Walking is also a great form of cardiovascular exercise and amazing for mental health. If you have experienced any pubic symphysis pain, continue with pelvis stability work before returning to walking and start slow and build up to longer distances.

Practise 2: Daily Stretches

Stretching out every day is good for circulation, metabolism, and comfort. Each day, develop a daily practice protocol that runs from your head to your toe.

For your own free download of our free Daily Stretch Protocol, click here.

Practise 3: Pelvic Tilts

Position yourself into an ‘all four position’ or brace yourself on a Swiss ball or wall and perform several, rythmic pelvic tilts. This can loosens the hips and sacrum, while relaxing the lower back.

Practise 4: Sit On A Swiss Ball

Sitting on an exercise ball allows you to practise dynamic motion while maintaining a straight back and letting the abdomen become the hammock for the baby. Drawing big hip circles will also help to keep the hips fluid and pelvic floor balanced. And do not forget to get up and move around frequently.

Practise 5: Forward Leaning Inversions

The forward leaning inversion can help to potentially untwists the ligaments supporting the pelvis and cervix. When you rise upright again these ligaments relax. This will be one of the daily practises we will be teaching at our upcoming workshop.

Finding time to relax and enjoy being pregnant is important. Allow yourself the space to grow and nurture your growing baby. Finding time for swimming, massage, journaling  and meditation can also be helpful techniques to help you prepare for the big day.

For more information on how to prepare for an easier birth, consider coming along to our 2 hour workshop on July 29. For ticket sales, head to our what’s on page.

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