Giving The Gift Of Fitness This Christmas

By Ange

It’s that time of year again when we need to put our thinking caps on to buy that perfect gift. Instead of reaching for novelty stocking fillers, consider a gift that will not only make your friends, family and loved ones smile but will also give them the gift of fitness.

We took time to pick out our top goodies for the fitness fanatics or those needing a little push in the right direction.

1. YUNMAI Yoga Mat- RRP $79.95 Sale Price: $49.95 (see below for code)

There is no better holiday fitness gift than a deluxe yoga mat. The YUNMAI Yoga Mat is an eco-friendly, 100% PVC-free innovation renowned for its durability.Designed with comfort and lightness in mind, The YUNMAI Yoga Mat’s anti-slip, dual-layer, 6mm thickness makes it versatile on any surface and its integrated subtle texture finish prevents sliding.

Investing in a quality yoga mat is a MUST have!

Use the Code: twentythreew at checkout for 10% off.

2. The Hip-Band for Resistbnd RRP $45 (see below for code)

This piece of equipment is my go-to travel item! Especially if a firm and peachy derrière is on the top of your Christmas wish list. This band is way more durable than its rubber cousin. It will help you build, tone and strengthen your glutes which ultimately will allow you to be stronger with all your lifts.

3. New Gym Threads From Muscle Nation

Are you looking for clothes that compliment that body you have sacrificed and worked so hard for? New workout gear over the Christmas period could also give you the extra bit of motivation to get moving! Every girl wants to look and feel their best when working out (or lets face it going out). This Aussie brand is the ultimate definition of fitness plus fashion.

4. Fitcover- From $57.00 (see below for code)

If you wouldn’t drink a protein shake full of toxins, then you sure as hell shouldn’t be smothering them on your skin!!! Fitcover is made with natural plant-based ingredients that have anti-inflammatory and anti-bacterial properties so you may wake up sore after leg day but your skin sure won’t.
Getting up at 5am each day, I need a make-up that will last the distance on my face while also helping me to pull off the #nomakeup look every day! Seriously, this make up is a game changer!
Use the Code: 23W at checkout for 10% off.

5. Sting Boxing Gloves- RRP $45.95- $49.95/ 23W sale price $40-$45

You know things are getting serious when you rock up to class in your own gloves! Investing in a pair of well padded and fitting boxing gloves is the next step when moving from a newbie boxer to a more seasoned fighter! This is a great mid range glove that offers durability and performance. You will immediately notice even weight distribution and impact absorption, while added protection around the wrist and hand will help you to optimise your shoulder, wrist and joint health in the long term.

Say goodbye to smell communal gloves for good. The Armalite and Armafit glove will be available for purchase in 23W from Monday 10th December.

Contact Ange about purchasing your glove today.

6. 23W Gift Voucher

Okay, here’s shameless plug! You may of experienced the life changing magic of being part of our community, or you know someone who needs a change in their life.

We have gift vouchers available in the studio which can be purchased for one to one training or membership into our 23W community. If you are not sure what package you would like to purchase, simple get in touch with Ange to chat through your options!

Whatever your choice is, remember that Christmas is a time for gratitude and giving.

Buying a new piece of a equipment can not only set up your fitness goals for the year ahead, you should also remember to ‘treat-yo-self’ every once in a while!

Trust me, you deserve it!

Yours in good health,


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