Happy birthday: Help us celebrate with five promos!

By Ange

🥳Happy birthday to us!!! 🎉On this day five years ago we ran our first class out of our Preston training base.

What a ride it has been. While our training community has been around for the last ten years in the local area, we have been gathering momentum ever since.We are proud to say that we currently serve over 240 women and have helped thousands reconnect with physical activity, learn how to lift and love themselves just that bit more.

This year, we are celebrating with five amazing promos across all sectors of 23W; personal training, group training, strength beyond and online programming.

Please scroll below and shoot us an email at enquiries@23w.com.au for more info.

Glow up PT Bundle
3 x PT Session for $199

Are you ready for promo Number 1?

This one is perfect for anyone looking for more 1-1 support with their training or wanting to gain confidence to move into our group training program.

This is for you if…
👊 You want to build confidence with a specific lift to train confidently in a commercial gym.
👊 Have a specific body composition goal and need help setting up your plan.
👊 Have an injury or movement concern that you would like to fix.
👊 Are newly postpartum and want to work with our expert team.

Our 3-pack Glow Up PT Bundle is available for new or current 23W members who are not already in our 1-1 program. Space is limited, and we only have five places available.

Once you purchase a pack, we will contact you to arrange a start date and allocated times. If your schedule is tight, feel free to get in touch with us before purchasing.

Strength Beyond: Receive 50% ofF CODE for a friend when you purchase a 10 pack

Are you approaching your 60’s and beyond? Have you caught yourself thinking that you SHOULD be doing more for your bone and muscle health

After overwhelming success in our pilot eight week strength beyond program, we will now offer this program at two great times: 8:30am Saturday and 6:30 pm Tuesday night.

This program will help:
✅ Improve your energy levels
✅ Build strength, muscle, and bone tissue

✅ Gain confidence.
✅ Improve your sleep, recovery, and mood.
✅ Lose body fat.
✅ Feel more comfortable and empowered in your body.
✅ And rebuild trust in your body.

With every 10-pass pack sold, we will be offering a 50% off code for you to give to a friend.
This offer is available for new enrolments only and available for a limited time.

28 Day Reset : 28 days of Unlimited Training for $99

Our 28-day reset is back! This birthday bundle is a favourite and is snapped up quickly by those wanting the consistency of 28 days of training.

This group training promo gives unlimited group training, 30-minute goal-setting progress mapping consultation, a physical copy of our meal prep handbook and 23W welcome pack.

Capacity: Limited to 5 enrolments only.

Limited edition key rings!

We love sharing the love! To celebrate 5 years at postcode 3072 we are offering limited edition, custom branded key rings to any of our members (past or present) who tag us in, leave us a review or share the love over the month of November. 

Don’t be shy, wish us a happy birthday over on Instagram, Facebook or leave us a Google review

ONline Group Training Access
12 months of online programming for $179

Our members love our signature training style; it is fun, challenging and, most importantly, gets results.

We are excited to offer complete online access to those who wish to train with us remotely. You will need basic gym equipment access and receive one workout loaded into your app daily.

The annual fee (full 12 months of access) includes app access and connection to our private Facebook page.

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Ange Drake is an personal trainer, women’s empowerment coach and fitness blogger in the northern suburbs of Melbourne. She is the director of one of the few womens’ only strength training gyms in Melbourne, 23W. Ange helps women to learn how to use strength based training, nutritional strategies and a positive mindset to transform their bodies, relationship with food and mind.

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