6 Ways To Stay Mindful through the silly season

By Dee

Whilst December & January are a time of celebration and fun with loved ones, it is certainly overwhelming at the best of times. Add into the mix that we are still trying to find that new sense of ‘normal’, you may be feeling pretty stressed in the lead-up to Christmas. And we’re here to help! 

This time of year it is common to drop healthy habits, or to go into the ‘all or nothing’ approach – I can’t fit it all in so I won’t do any of it. But the beauty of having habits is that you can dial up or dial down whenever needed, while still maintaining your healthy and productive routine. In fact, it’s even more important to maintain your routine so that you can manage your stress levels through this time period.

Finding Mindfulness This Holiday Season:

Here are some tips on managing stress, overwhelm, and finding calm.

  1. Prioritise ‘me’ time 

    It’s often the first thing to drop off when we are in a period of stress or overwhelm, but we can’t pour from an empty cup so scheduling even 10 minutes a day to be by yourself, take a few deep breaths, or do something that fills up your own cup will help.

  2. Eat food away from distractions

    It is a common practice to eat our meals while watching tv, scrolling our phones or using something else as a time-filler. This habit can create poor food habits, but if you are stressed or overwhelmed, it is a good opportunity to work in some mindful moments 3 or 4 times a day while you are eating, without trying to take on extra time to be mindful.

  3. Incorporate calming activities to your day

    This may be things like meditation, yoga, foam rolling, journalling, puzzles or anything else that requires being present in the moment and checking in with your thoughts. Mindfulness doesn’t have to be meditating for half an hour every day, even just 5 minutes or using another form of activity to help you feel calm is mindfulness too.

  4. Keep moving your body

    We say a lot, but we’ll say it again, the feel-good hormones you get from physical activity can’t be beaten! This is one of the best ways to manage stress and mental health on a physiological level – so don’t miss a workout! And if you have to, find other ways to move your body. Walking, swimming, dancing, playing, all of these things count.

  5. Be kind to yourself 

    It is easy to get in a cycle of overthinking and overwhelm, and to put big expectations on ourselves, but this is a time to make memories and enjoy time with your family and friends. So eat that Christmas pudding, the extra dessert or lollies. This only comes around once a year and you pick up your healthy food habits right after chrissy. You deserve to celebrate without the pressure of ‘eating too much’.

  6. Return to your routine

    While it’s great to have a break from routine over the holiday season, spending too much time away from it is what leads to ‘dropping the ball’ after the holiday period. Give yourself a set day to return to your usual food and exercise habits so you are not left feeling guilty or unmotivated. Pick that ball right back up!

And with these tools under the belt, I hope you enjoy this time, celebrate, laugh and do all the things that fill up your cup.

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