Lifting Party 6.0: Why it is more than just lifting

By Ange

Yesterday we celebrated our 6th lifting party in our community. Our lifting parties are infamous for full energy, high vibes and big lifting. This is one day where we set up our community to test their big lifts (back squat, bench press and deadlift) under 1 rep conditions.

Congratulations to all our lifters (and spectators) who came down yesterday!

Strength looks different on everyone! And we love celebrating it in all shapes and sizes! It takes guts to step outside your comfort zone and to push even when it gets uncomfortable. It is human nature to underestimate our true capabilities. Our lifting parties allow us to look at our challenges and rise to meet them.

Yesterday was humbling. Raw. Emotional. Real. And empowered AF.

If you missed out, or ready to start training for lifting party 7.0 on Sunday 5th November.

Unfortunately, many women grow up thinking that exercise and ‘the gym’ is what you do to lose weight. There is another side to this story, and it is one of empowerment, self-confidence and belief.

A routine in the gym gives you the foundations from which you can draw purpose, focus and motivation in all areas of your life.

Improving your physique to match your mental image of yourself is a powerful way to start, but there are so many more benefits of following a well-structured program to help you get stronger each week.

While some of these benefits cannot be measured, like changes in body composition, they have a far more profound impact on your life.

1. Self Belief

How you feel about yourself and your ability to succeed impacts every area of your life, from your job relationships and opportunities that come your way. With every new member, that walks through the 23W doors, this is the first thing we notice starts to change. The internal dialogue goes from ‘I can’t’ to ‘anything is possible’. Harnessing consistency and dedication, we teach that the joy is in the journey.  As a coach, there is nothing more rewarding than seeing this mental transformation and seeing the moment of realisation in the member’s mind where mental strength overpowers any self-imposed physical limitation!

2. Discipline

Anyone who has undergone a physical or mental transformation will tell you results are not easy. You are not going to notice results but take an on again, off-again approach. Consistent daily execution on diet and training will develop a strong sense of discipline that can transcend into all areas of your life. From establishing productive routines, mental clarity and more!

3. Empowerment

Strength training helps put you in the driver’s seat of your own life. Only you can change the way you look and feel in your body. Training will heighten your ability to control your thoughts and actions. It is true that a strong body is often a product of a strong mind.

There is no better feeling than being healthy, fit and strong. But the self-belief, discipline and self-control that weight training teaches is far more remarkable. Realising your capabilities and capacities can be one of the most empowering parts of the whole journey.

If you are ready to join our community, don’t miss our winter challenge enrolments with introductory packages for all new members of our community.

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Ange Drake is an personal trainer, women’s empowerment coach and fitness blogger in the northern suburbs of Melbourne. She is the director of one of the few womens’ only strength training gyms in Melbourne, 23W. Ange helps women to learn how to use strength based training, nutritional strategies and a positive mindset to transform their bodies, relationship with food and mind.

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