Mums the word: 10 Powerful Lessons Learned From 23W Mums

By Dee

Motherhood is one crazy journey, filled with extreme highs and lows.  From the moment you realise that you have a new life coming into the world, there’s an intimate bond created between you and your new little human. But that is not to say there are not plenty of surprises along the way and a need to learn as you go at a break neck pace. 

Our Mums On The Move (MOM) membership is specifically designed to give  new mums the support when they need it the most. Helping new mums to return back to exercise safely, our program provides an inclusive, supportive and social network that encourages women to forge a new community of like minded mothers.

To celebrate mothers in our community, we asked our MOM’s to share one thing that motherhood has taught them. The responses are funny, genuine, inspiring and raw. 

Congratulations to all our amazing mums in our community. For the hours you spend awake when you should be asleep, the meals that get thrown on the floor and countless tears and running noses wiped… you are AMAZING. 



Motherhood is teaching me not to squirm so much at the attacks of sloppy kisses, laugh and let her go. One day she’ll be older, need me less so and I’ll miss this.


Sleep is the greatest thing on earth for everyone to feel happy and healthy but also... never actually look forward to having a nap because it will always be thwarted. Also a sleeping baby is the sweetest thing in the world. So sleep. I guess my answer is sleep.


You can survive on a lot less sleep than you think!!


Motherhood has taught me so much, but the main things are to ‘just go with it’. To find comfort in that the only thing that stays the same is that everything changes, and finally, I’ve learn’t that there is no love quite as strong as what mums and dads have for their babies.


I've learnt to slow down and really look at the world around me, and to never underestimate the power of a hug.


Things motherhood has taught me are that who we think we are (our bodies, our strengths, our interests) can change dramatically. I feel like a completely different person to the pre-kids me. There is nothing more interesting, confusing, infuriating, heartbreaking and beautiful than watching a baby turn into a real little person. And don’t let the weetbix on the floor dry before you clean it up. Seriously. Never let it dry.


Never underestimate an under qualified, overwhelmed and sleep deprived mother. We are stronger than we ever thought possible, fuelled by an unconditional love for our kids and way too much coffee...


Motherhood has taught me to go with the flow. Having a plan is great but things don’t alway go the way we want. Just go with it. Sometimes I need to take a step back, breathe and pick my battles because trying to make everything go to plan is not only unrealistic, but it’s also the cause of unnecessary anxiety.


Motherhood has taught me about self-care. Caring for my babies, my partner, my job, friends and family is second nature. Caring for myself with all my other caring responsibilities is confusing, but the consequences of neglect are very real. Physical, mentally and emotionally. I thought motherhood would be a ‘levelling up’ in strength, but it is a far greater ‘levelling up’ in vulnerability. So I now see motherhood as a whole new journey in understanding myself- that has been the biggest surprise and teaching.


It is relentless and repetitive, but it is the most rewarding job you will ever do. I was not one to read all the parenting style is very intuitive and that is okay! In reality, everyone is just making it up as they go. Leaning into motherhood has taught me how to slow down, surrender to the unknown, be in the moment and love unconditionally. It’s scary to think how many times I kiss Sky on the daily!!!!!

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