Our Growing 23W Team: Meet Somsurat Rangkla

By Ange

There is a BIG difference between boxing for fitness and knowing how to move, punch and train like a fighter!

Similarly, there is a big difference between throwing your arms around and laying down a good punch. Knowing, understanding and being able to execute the fundamentals of footwork, technique and the weight transfer are all instrumental in helping you to progress.  Best of all, knowing how it all comes together, will ensure that you can make the most of every workout, while minimising your chance of injury and strain.

It is no secret that 23W has been looking high and low for a suitable boxing coach, who is bad ass enough to be our martial arts specialist coach…We are excited that the search is now over.

This week we welcome Somsuart Rangkla into this role. Som will be taking technique-focused boxing and kickboxing classes on Wednesday and Friday mornings.

If you were ever wondering if you have what it takes to put on a pair of gloves, now is YOUR time.

Now, let’s get to know Som in our interview below…

Tell us a bit about yourself?

I’ve started Training Muay Thai 4 years ago and fallen in love with the sport since. Had my first professional fight after 5 months of training and now have 9 fights under my belt.

What you love most about Muay Thai?

Muay Thai challenges me to be a better person. The hours, bumps, bruises and sacrifices. It taught me that there’s more inside me that I never knew I had if I believe in myself, train hard for it and want it badly enough. Fighting taught me to face my greatest fear and deal with it. 

What are you passionate about?

Two years ago, I underwent a career change and followed my passion of health & fitness. I’d love to help people, especially women, getting stronger physically and mentally and being the best version of themselves. 

What are your proudest achievements?

  • Current Victoria J. Bantamweight State Champion
  • Silver Medalist at the Australian Muay Thai Championship in 2015
  • Gold medalist at the Australian National Tae Kwon Do Championships in 2007 (Started at 13 years old and trained for 7 years)

To reserve your place in Somsurat’s or any other 23W classes, simply head over to our timetable. Introductory training packages start from $110 (Monday to Friday MOM Pass) or  $149 dollars (Unlimited/ Open Membership). All packages can be purchased via our Join 23W Page.

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