Safe Return To Exercise Postpartum Guide


This comprehensive 52 page PDF guide includes written content and hyper-linked videos to ensure you have everything you need to rebuild your body with confidence.

We cover all the important topics, including:

  • Important health considerations in getting started
  • Varied movement sequences that can be done from 2-6 weeks postpartum
  • Challenging and appropriate training program that can be done from 6+ weeks postpartum,  including a progressive postpartum Pilates program
  • Weekly checklists at each stage
  • Relevant information on common postpartum topics like diastasis, mummy’s thumb, prolapse and so much more.
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This 52 page guide is a must read for any active woman who is ready to return back to exercise after having a baby.

Having helped hundreds of women return back to exercise, we realise there is a big gap in the information many new mums are receiving. It is not as simple as waiting for your 6-week check and then heading back into your ‘old’ fitness routine. You have extra rehabilitation to do and even some of this can start before your 6-week check, regardless of your delivery method!

This guide is broken up into four main sections; getting started, the first 6 weeks, 7-12 weeks, and helpful additional information that will take you 12 weeks and beyond. 


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