Terms and Conditions

At 23W we offer a range of memberships and contracts to suit our members.

All contracts entered into must be paid in full and are unable to be terminated until the last payment is made. 

All contracts are billed on either a weekly, fortnightly or monthly basis. Once the lifetime of the contract expires, group member will move to a month to month, auto -renewal agreement, while personal training members will be given the opportunity to renew or change contract 14 days prior to the expiry date. See below for notification to terminate. Ensure that you know your debit date. You are only able to book into training during an active payment window. Once your payment cycle runs again, the system will allow you to book. Please refrain from emailing the 23W team to request to be added to a group class outside of your payment window for equity reasons. 

Your membership will be drawn from your nominated bank account or card, with penalties that apply for failed transactions due to insufficient funds or incorrect banking details.


Please ensure you understand your contracts suspension terms and conditions. We require 1-week notice to suspend all accounts. On personal training sessions, we enforce a minimum 24 hour cancellation policy. If notice is given in less than 24 hours or session missed, this is considered a late cancelation and will be billed. If early notice is given (24 hours or more), we will do our best to reschedule, otherwise the paid for session will be available for use at the end of the contract length. There is a maximum of two reschedules/ early cancellation permitted per contract length. 

3 month contract:

You are able to suspend your account as many times as you like over the life of this contract for a minimum of 1 week and a maximum of 4 weeks. Any period of suspension will add to the overall length of the agreement – this will ensure all payments occur in line with our terms and conditions.

6 or 12 month contract:

You are able to suspend your account once throughout the life of the contract for a maximum of 4 weeks over the 6-month or 12-month contract, however, any period of suspension will add to the overall length of the agreement – this will ensure all payments occur in line with our terms and conditions.


At the end of the life of the contract, you can terminate this contract with a minimum of 2-weeks notice via email to hello@23w.com.au. All contracts will move to month to month billing once the lifetime of the contract is reached. In the event of early termination, 50% of the remaining balance is required to be paid in full.

Your Membership

Membership fees are paid in advance, weekly, fortnightly, or monthly (depending on your preference), by direct debit from a debit card, credit card, or Direct Debit from your nominated bank account.


All debits include GST and exclude debit fees and charges. Credit card payments 1.88%/Direct Debit payment $0.80 charge. All failed debits may result in fees and charges.
All payments are non-refundable and suspensions/cancellations must be made in advance as per the agreement above.

All failed payments will be run again on the last Friday of the week or via an invoice.

Session Cancellations

We don’t charge a group cancellation fees but we do ask that you unbook any sessions you are unable to attend. If you are on a half membership and fail to attend training, it will be noted as a late cancellation and you will lose one pass in your account.

All PT appointments have a 24-hour cancellation policy. Cancellation should be discussed 24 hours prior with the relevant coach or via email to hello@23w.com.au

A maximum of two early cancellation are allowed over the lifetime of a contract. At the end of the contract, the is a maximum of two catch up sessions allowed. Where possible, personal training session should be rescheduled 24 hours prior so that the session is not lost. 

Your Health

All member warrant that they are in good physical condition and you know of no medical or other reason why you cannot, or should not, do active or passive exercise. You recognise that the coach(es) are not able to provide you with medical advice with regard to your fitness and that this information is used as a guideline to the limitations of your ability to exercise.

In training at 23W you agree to not hold any certified trainer or owners of 23W liable for any injury that may occur during a 23W training session.
You agree to sign a waiver form with 23W and declare any pre-existing injuries and conditions.

Children at 23W

Children of all ages are welcome at the studio. We have a designated, fenced children area that keeps children contained and away from exercise equipment. Children are to remain off the main gym floor and prohibited from using exercise equipment. 23W accept no responsibility for children bought into the studio. During all MOM times, the children’s area is staffed by a ‘shared care nanny’. During these time, parents are still 100% responsible for the welfare of their children.

Please note that on public holidays and over the Christmas break (2 weeks from Christmas day) we do not provide the normal nanny service. Members on a MOM pass are able to still attend normal training times on their contract. Child minding is not provided these days.

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