The Best Health And Fitness Apps in 2019

By Ange

Let’s face it… Getting your health and fitness on track can be hard. We all start with the best intensions, but as the weeks roll on you start to need that extra shot of motivation to stay on course.

The practise of daily habits and routine, has been proven as the best method to build consistency and adherence to your plan.

While your smart phone can be an endless source of distraction, imagine being able to harness it’s power for good. And fortunately for us, it is usually only ever an arms length away.

I have complied a list of our 6 favourite health and fitness app, I used almost every day to keep myself accountable to the goals I set myself around physical and mental wellbeing.

From body recomposition to calorie counters to guided meditations, here are our top 6 health resources that help us stay on stop of our goals.

  1. Headspace    
If you want to see incredible changes in your levels of stress, focus, efficiency and mindset- meditation is where it is at! As life get busier and we try to manage the impossible juggling act of life, setting aside time to clear your mind become increasingly important. Headspace offers structured, beginner-friendly meditation courses that range from three- to 30-minute sessions, with built-in reminders and tracking to help you stay on track.
It is common practise before our 5:30pm group class is a 5 minute meditation. This is such a lovely way to reset and refresh the mind and way for us to set our intension to train up a storm.
This free app helps you to connect to your Yunmai Smart Scale by @casi_australia. This app automatically updates and loads your 10 statistics (weight, body fat, muscle, water, bone mass etc.) in to the cloud so that you can track your long-term progress.
The Yunmai scales from Casi not only tracks your weight! They also recognises up to 16 users, tracks weight, BMI, muscle mass, body fat percentage and more! As mentioned, syncs with the Yunmai app. The power of using scales lies in their ability to track changes over time. Being able to have all your data in one place is critical in allowing your to plan and measure changes in diet and training.
These scales can be readily purchased online- use our code twentythreew to receive 10% off your order.
Yoga Glo is a monthly subscription service that provides you access to thousands of unique yoga videos filmed in the company’s Santa Monica, CA studio. A good friend of mine got me on to this platform as I often struggle to find time in my week to go to a studio for 90 minutes for one class. Instead I choose 2-4 shorter sessions that I can complete in my own time. This is the perfect way to access the best yogi’s and make daily yoga part of your routine.

Tracking food intake is still one of the best methods for long term weight loss success. The numbers simply do not lie! The app also teaches the user important information on portion control, calorie density and where our energy comes from. Be patient in using this app, start small and aim to build skills over time.

5. Moments

In so many ways, your phone makes your life better and easier. But more and more your phone works against you. It pulls you away from your family, friends and even yourself. Being mindful of your phone use can be a powerful way to get back that time. Moment gives you back that time. I used this app to see how much time I am spending on my phone, including number of pick ups and which apps I am using most. Through the paid version you can also do short, daily exercises that  you use your phone in a healthy way so that you can be present for the parts of life that matter most.

This app forces me to be more mindful of how much work versus leisure time I am spending on my phone and striving for a more balanced approach. It has taught me to stop picking up my phone unnecessarily and learning to switch off at night time.

I am not a runner! I much prefer to lift weight than regularly pound the pavement. But I do enjoy running. I have set myself a goal to hit 50k in 8 weeks. This goal is very easily achieved and tracked using Map My Run. This popular running app allows you to track runs, challenge others, follow training plans and set performance goals around your running.

This app also allows you to create and discover new routes wherever you are and save your favorites for the next time you’re ready to run.

Did you enjoy this article? Stay tuned for our next blog where we will share our favourite inspirational reads from last year. 

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