The Myth About A 1200 calories

By Ange

Many women that start flexible dieting with 23W, remark about the quantity of food. They are surprise to hear that the targets we give, based on science, will have them losing body fat.

You’ve done the quick fixes and rolled through a shit ton of diets.

They didn’t work.

And maybe now you’ve been in the WAL program for a few months OR you’re doing my free 28 day challenge…

You don’t get it; Why don’t you look how you want to look?

The fitness industry has convinced you that the way to get in shape is to cut calories and do cardio. It makes it difficult to understand WHY it takes so long to build a body that you love.

It makes you question everything.

And the truth? You can’t shortcut the system, so stop bloody trying!

I get emails from WAL clients and emails from women doing the challenge all the time… They’re convinced it isn’t working for them. They don’t understand why after 6 months they still don’t look how they want to look.


1. You NEED to get stronger and build more muscle.

Muscle will give you that beautiful shape you want. It will make you look “toned” and well-defined. The only way to build muscle is by getting STRONGERThis takes TIME.

Here’s a quick example… You can have two people that both weigh 65 kg each. But one can deadlift 100 kgs, while the other can deadlift 50 kgs. Who has more muscle? The one that can deadlift 100 kgs – Why? Because they are STRONGER.

2. You NEED to get rid of the fat over the muscle.

This comes down to nutrition. It involves improving your metabolism and your body’s ability to handle more calories and lose fat.

A LOT of women come into our program eating 1600 calories or less. If you’re eating anything under 2000 calories a day you have nowhere to go. If you don’t get enough fuel in you’re not going to build muscle and improve your metabolism.

Not getting enough fuel in is only going to keep you where you are – which is why we work with you to increase your caloric intake and figure out the best macronutrient split for you.

These two things take TIME and CONSISTENCY. You won’t get there in 6 months.

Here’s another example: I had a client email me recently saying she wanted to pull out of the program. She said it wasn’t working. She’d been in it for 6 months. She’d been pushing herself to get stronger. She cut her drinking right back. She’d raised her caloric intake to about 1800 calories per day. Her digestion and sleep had improved.

But… She didn’t see the outward results she wanted.

I looked at her current strength numbers. She was still only deadlifting 75kgs and squatting 60kgs and she weighs 70kgs.

My reply? It Is working for you. You just haven’t given it enough time. You’re just not strong enough yet to see the physical results you want. Again, building strength takes TIME.

It took me YEARS to get to lifting the weights I lift.


What are you going to do if you quit? Go back to what you were doing before?

You won’t go anywhere. You’ll be stuck on that nightmare train of doing endless cardio and cutting calories. And you won’t look how you want to look.

So… Ladies, STOP doing what you’ve already f**kin’ done, and you KNOW doesn’t work.

You have to make imperfect progress.

You have to stick with it.

Take the hits, wins, loses, and lessons. You may take 5 steps forward and 6 back, but then you may take 10 steps forward and 2 back next time.

Stop focusing on the week-to-week.

Focus on where you want to be in 12 months, and then do the things day-to-day and week-to-week that will get you there (like focusing on improving your skill base when it comes to lifting and getting stronger as well as being consistent with your nutrition).

Knuckle down.

There is no other way. And I’m not just saying that because it’s my program. I KNOW because I’ve done it. I’ve tried all the shit diets. I’ve put myself through stupid amounts of cardio, classes and bootcamps.

This is the only way to have a strong and healthy metabolism, eat plenty of food and look like you want to look without spending 6-7 days a week in the gym.

Be consistent with your food.

Build strength.

Stop drinking alcohol all the time.

And do all these things consistently over time and do it for LONG ENOUGH.

Stop f**kin’ quitting when shit gets hard and stick with it.

If you’re still unsure of what you need to do to build a toned and athletic body click on the link below and watch the FREE 4-Part video series Craig and I put together where we break down the WinAtLife method into 4 short videos so you can start implementing today.

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