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By Ange

While it feels like we have ‘opened’ and ‘closed’ more times than a car door… the atmosphere at the 23W at the moment is electric.

The Victorian road map out of lockdown, while complex, has the 23W team filled with new excitement as we slowly welcome more of our community back to face to face training. Even better still, we have been inundated with new enquires from local women who are eager to burst out of lockdown and set in motion healthy habits and routines. 

This article is our very own ‘Roadmap Out Of Lockdown’ and spells out everything there is to know about our current and future packages; cost, duration, how to enrol and more!

2-1 PT (Currently Running)

Are you ready to get fit with a buddy?

We are offering 2-on-1 or “Buddy PT” for a limited time to help get our community moving again. These sessions are a fantastic way to reset your fitness goals, share motivation and the cost of a private session. 

These sessions are a great option if you need some more 1-1 attention from our coaches or are returning back from injury or a longer hiatus from exercise. 

Dates: 18th September – 26th November
Duration: 45 minutes
Open to: 23W and non 23W members, vaccinated and unvaccinated. 
Cost: $40 per person 
How to enrol: You can check appointment availability and book yourself via our booking system. If you can not see a suitable available time, please email us ([email protected]) and we will see what we can do. 

5-1 Bootcamp (Currently Running)

These workouts will be a fun and challenging way to get moving outside. These limited capacity bootcamp will be held in the carpark out the front of 23W studio.
These workouts will be circuit style, involving a mixture of body weight resistance exercises, mat-based exercises, involve minimal equipment, running and skipping.
Participants are asked to bring a towel, hand sanitiser and maintain strict hand washing protocols. 
Due to government regulations on numbers, children are not permitted to attend these bootcamps (unless in a pram). 
Dates: 27th September- 
Duration: 30 minutes (with over 40 bootcamp times across the week).
Limit: This program is currently limited to 2 per week. 
Open to: 23W and non  members for those who are fully vaccinated. 
Cost: $30 per week (2 sessions) or $20 per casual class.
All current members have had our $30 lockdown rate applied to their account for the month of October. 
How to enrol: 

Online Training (Currently Running)

As we start to see more of our members return back to face to face training we will be winding up our online program. We will continue to offer 4 sessions per week until the end of the month, including Pilates, Strength and Conditioning and HIIT. 

Dates: Early August – 29th October
Duration: Various
Open to: 23W and non 23W members, vaccinated and unvaccinated. 
How to enrol: All 23W members are able to access our online group training, through our Facebook page and members only area. All members who are currently enrolled in ’23W online’ will have their auto debits terminated from Friday 29th October. 

Looking into the Future...

10 Person Outdoor Bootcamp (possibly from the 26th of October- 5th November)

Once the state reaches 70% double dose, there may be the opportunity to increase bootcamp size to 10 people. We will also extend the length of the session to 45 minutes too. 

Return to In-studio Training (80% double dose across the state- around the 5th of November)

Once the state hits 80% double dose vaccination we are able to return back to inside training. In this scenario we will return back to our standard group training offering, which includes our unlimited W squad pass or Mums on the Move pass. We will also continue to offer 1-1 and 2-1 Personal Training at this time. If you are interested in continuing with personal training beyond the month of October, please reach out to us via email so that we can ensure your preferred training time is prioritised. 

We will also have some amazing introductory and welcome packages available for new members who might be interested in joining us when we re-open- stay tuned for more information! 

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Ange Drake is an personal trainer, women’s empowerment coach and fitness blogger in the northern suburbs of Melbourne. She is the director of one of the few womens’ only strength training gyms in Melbourne, 23W. Ange helps women to learn how to use strength based training, nutritional strategies and a positive mindset to transform their bodies, relationship with food and mind.

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