Be Stronger Than Your Biggest Excuse: 7 Tips to Keep Moving This Winter

By Ange

So how is your training going?

As the cold weather hits, you may not be alone in struggling to find the motivation to keep up your normal exercise regime. As your warm bed and Oodie beckons you to stay warm, dry and sedentary, it might be time to flex the ‘discipline muscle’ and become ‘stronger’ than your biggest excuse.

The benefits of moving in winter…

We all know that regular exercise is good for us. But this is especially true in winter. Studies show that exercising when it is colder will increase calorie-burning brown fat and raises your metabolism, which is beneficial if you have a weight loss or management goal in mind. Further, your immune system will get an extra boost and a little extra sunshine will increase your vitamin D levels and help combat seasonal affective disorder.

Tips to help you get moving...

If you are finding yourself in a low motivational state to exercise, do not wait for the motivation to find you! It is time to employ some strategies that will help you become stronger than the excuses you are telling yourself. Like with all things, consistency is key. Consider the tips below and see what might give you the extra boost to make this winter your FITTEST yet.

1. Get more sleep

If you are struggling to get up in the morning, ask yourself are you tired? Are you getting enough quality sleep? Getting up, without hitting the snooze button will be much easier if you are waking up feeling rested. In winter the days are also shorter, so use this time to wind down and jump into bed earlier.

2. Dress appropriately

Audit your activewear. Do you have appropriate workout gear that looks good and keeps you warm? I highly recommend investing in long-sleeve moisture wicking training tops, long socks and a great puffy jacket. Layering is key to staying warm. You can then peel off layers to adjust your temperature as required. If needed, invest in a few key pieces which will also inspire you to get moving.

3. Review your goals

If you are feeling uninspired by your training, it might be time to reset your training goals. Do you want to do a half marathon? Have you got a holiday planned that you want to feel fabulous for? We highly recommend all 23W members come in for 1-1 quarterly progress tracking consultation and use their 23W app to take meaningful, daily action.

4. Organise your morning

We have all been there… your alarm goes off and you tell yourself that life is just too hard to organise and that an extra 20 minutes of sleep is needed. Do not let this happen. Have your warm clothes ready, have your coffee programmed (I bought a drip coffee machine off amazon that has my coffee brewed and ready for 5am) and your breakfast prepared. I also love making high protein baked oatmeal ahead of time… all you then need to do is microwave and eat.

5. Enlist some social support

Have a workout buddy or train in a social environment. Training in a crew will ensure that you are pushing yourself and this is more likely to help you stay accountable for showing up. Every week, the 23W coaches are reaching out to our members who have not been into the studio in the last 7 days to see how we can help them find consistency in their training.

6. Have a warm meal ready

If training in the afternoon/evening is part of your routine, ensure that you have a warm, hearty meal ready for when you get home. Winter food is delicious food. Think protein rich soups, and one tray, cheesy bakes!

7. Lastly, remind yourself how good it feels

There is just no better feeling than finishing a workout proud of what you have accomplished. Further, know that you are taking action to look after your body and mind by continuing to move.

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