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״So wonderful having daily support and motivation. At 23W there is always friendly faces every time you train."

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are you ready to Make this Winter your Fitness Yet?

Simple is alway better. This 8-Week Challenge we are focusing on simple, yet powerful nutrition skills that actually work to bring long-lasting change. 

Your results, whether they be muscle gain or weight loss, hinge on you having a sound nutrition plan that you can execute consistently week to week.

Food is everything! And for many, it is the hardest piece of the puzzle to change.

If you have ever been confused about what to eat…
If you have ever struggled to get organised in the kitchen…
If you have found yourself stuck in a cycle of over-eating and under-eating…
If you are looking for additional accountability to keep you on track…


Unlimited Group Training

Choose from over 50 different training times per week. We recommend training between 2-5 times per week.

Challenge Resource Pack

This will include our high acclaimed meal prep handbook and challenge journal.

23W App

Using our app you will have the 1-on-1 support and accountability you need to get the best results of your life.

Weekly seminars, learning areas and Live Q and A's

Learn the proven skills and simple, daily practices that help you stay consistent and achieve BIG results.

Find Your Tribe...

Want to meet some of our community? Check them out in action.

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What's Included?

We are more than a gym! Our challenges OVER deliver on quality.

2 x Inbody scans

Unlimited group training

Meal Prep Handbook

Upskill challenge journal

23W Training singlet and meal planner fridge magent

Weekly check ins, seminars and Q and A's

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On average a 2-6% drop in body fat.

0.4-1.0kg increase in muscle mass.

Learn how to lift weight properly and how to incorporate strength training into daily life.

Our Results

Feel powerful, energised and more ready to take on the world!

Meet like-minded, inpiring and supportive women.

Learn proven systems that will allow you to get long-term results.

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1. Sign up

Head to our secure Mindbody cart. Once you’ve enrolled, you’ll receive login info to access our 23W app.

2. Download our app

Download our app and set up your dashboard by intergrating any health and fitness apps you currently use.

3. Keep an eye on your email

In the weeks leading up to the challenge starting you will receive emails from us

Book in your Inbody Starter scan

You will receive prompt to book in a 15-minute Inbody Starter Scan from the 8th-10th July.

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