Challenge Wrap Report: your Winners for Me in 23

By Ange

Our Summer 2023 Challenge has officially finished, and we are excited to announce a new group of winners. 

Me in 23

We were so excited about the release of this challenge to kickstart our year. 

This challenge was purpose-built to ensure that our members were able to start the year off on the right track and that build skill and momentum to take action that leads to success. 

In working with hundreds of women, we know that once the year gets into full swing, it can be ALOT. Managing work, family, study, training, sport, kids, etc leads you down a path of burnout and operating out of a place of survival.

This 6-week challenge encourages our community to develop a winning mindset to accomplish hard things. We did this by harnessing the power of daily journal practice, prioritising time for reconnection and self care, being consistent to improve nutritional habits, mastering habit stacking to create sustainability and so much more.

Team Challenge

This challenge had our members collecting team points for their participation workouts, weekly self-care routines and check-ins. This year line honours goes to Team Hayley with a total of 314 points

  • Team Courtney: 207
  • Team Tarlee: 286
  • Team Asha: 290
  • Team Hayley: 314

Overall Results

We use an Inbody 570 scanner to accurately measure body composition at the start and end of the challenge. This can be an eye-opening experience for many women who might feel frustrated by the lack of significant movement on the bathroom scales. It is possible to weigh the same at the start and end of a challenge and yet have a remarkable change in body composition due to the difference in the ratio between fat and muscle mass. As a group, we saw a new fat loss of 69kg and a muscle gain of 16kg. 

Overall Winners

Our overall winners were awarded for the biggest drop in body fat and body composition change. 

5th Place: Clare Campbell 4.1
4th Place: Carrie McCallum 4.1
3rd Place: Miriam Sparks 4.4
2nd Place: Katherine Garnham  4.6 (winning $200 23W voucher)
1st Place: Sharon Sparks  5.2 (winning $500 in cash)

Muscle Mass

Despite what many women are led to believe, gaining muscle is actually quite hard. You need to pay close attention to nutrition and protein intake, apply the right training stimulus and ensure adequate recovery. Gaining muscle is always a very positive benefit of weight training as you create more metabolically active tissue, encouraging improved bone density and obviously able to lift more weight.  

4th Place: Laura Nix 1.1
3rd Place: Deb Dempsey 1.1
2nd Place: Susannah Lennon 1.2 (winner a $100 voucher) 
1st Place: Natalie Jiricek 1.4
1st Place: Rachael B 1.4 (winner a $100 voucher) 

Thank you!

The 23W team would like to congratulate the 64 fabulous ladies who took part in this team challenge.

Our next challenge will start on 10th July, with enrolments opening in mid-June. 

If you are interested in getting started on your journey with us, don’t be a stranger. Join us on a $47 1-week trial. Join us HERE

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