Slide Coaching Packages Find your training style Wellness. Wisdom. Wonder. Our 23W studio formally opened in November 2018, but our community has been around the Preston/ Thornbury area for the last 5-6 years. What started as a small personal training company has grown to an empowering community of women who are dedicated to be the best versions of themselves.

Ange had dream to create a hub for women that teaches everything there is to know about getting stronger, becoming more confident and empowered.

Stepping into 23W is unlike any other gym, you will instantly feel at home, restored and welcomed by our amazing team of trainers, instructors and staff.

Our team is the back bone of 23W. We pride ourselves on teaching correct technique, best practise and our warm and friendly vibes. If it is a chat, cuddle or positive words of encouragement… we have your back!!!

Founder and Head Coach

Ange Drake

Ange grew up in country Victoria, playing weekend sport and with lots of room to run around. She fell in love with human movement from an early age and started in the industry as a secondary physical education teacher in the northern suburbs of Melbourne. But Ange soon realised that her true passion was to support women and girls specifically through their many different stages of life and to help every woman feel empowered and confident. 

Ange is a highly skilled fitness professional with experience and qualifications in pre and post natal exercise, nutrition, strength and conditioning, mat pilates, boxing and more. The strategies and system taught at 23W mirrors Ange’s philosophy in health and fitness. Be patient, be consistent and be reflective. Learn how to be 1% better everyday, how to lift weights properly and fuel your body in accordance to your goals! In doing so, you will unlock  the key to long-term sustainable results. 

Away from the gym, she is a typical Melbourne coffee lover, enjoys home restoration, snowboarding and going on adventures with her hubby, Jeremy. She is also a hopeless romantic comedy/chick flick tragic, want-to-be surfer and freestyle cook.

/ COMMUNITY director

Asha Khan

Asha Khan has been part of the 23W family since September 2018. She loves every second of working with the strong, powerful and kind women who train at the gym. Heavy lifting makes her feel incredible and she loves sharing her passion for weight training with the 23W crew. Asha also loves putting together high intensity sessions that incorporates functional movement, boxing and killer core workouts. Outside of the gym she enjoys cooking delicious vegan meals, hanging out with her boyfriend Josh, reading on the couch and spending time with her sister’s dog (seriously – they are very attached!).

Coach /

Deanna Segrave

Dee has been in the health and fitness industry for the last 5 years since finishing her studies right after high school. She is passionate about helping women to find their strength and to feel empowered and confident in all aspects of life. She loves training with functional movements to get the most out of a workout and is a bit of technique freak. Although the physical side of training is amazing, it’s the impact on mental health that makes Dee so passionate about fitness. She has qualifications in advanced strength and conditioning programming, boxing for fitness, resistance band training, half way through a Bachelor in Nutrition, and is also soon to be yoga instructor. You’ll see Dee spending her downtime doing yoga with her cats, cooking delicious vegan and gluten free food and doing anything that gets her outdoors. She’s also a bit of a coffee snob and will never pass up an opportunity to dance it out.

Martial Arts Specialist /
Personal Trainer

Somsurat Rangkla

Som started training Martial Arts when she was 13 and has been training in Muaythai for the last few years & competing nationally and internationally. Her qualifications include cert 3 & 4 in Fitness. Her passion is to pass on her skills and knowledge, help women with getting stronger physically and mentally and being the best version of themselves.

Care Nanny

Jenny Adams

Jenny is our shared care nanny. Her love of children has meant she has worked in a variety of childcare positions, from being a Private Nanny to an Integration Aide specialising with children with special needs. Jenny took a break from work to start a family of her own and has three children of her own who are now almost adults. Jenny attends all MOM classes on Monday to Friday.


Sarah De Angelis

Over the last 10 years, Sarah has dedicated her time to the art of yoga and has been successfully helping others reach their health and wellbeing goals and aspirations.

She is trained in a variety of yoga practices including, Pranaa yoga, Vinyasa yoga, Iengar yoga, Amrit yoga, Yoga Nidra and Chanting.

Besides Sarah’s passion for yoga, she loves all aspects of health and fitness and has previously trained in a number of sports including athletics, ballet and gymnastics. Away from the studio, she also loves her coffee, dining out and travel.

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